Wear guide


How to apply a Wig


1.Secure your hair with a Wig Cap.
2.Grab the sides of the wig and slip it overhead. Make sure the front edge of the wig lay onto your front hairline.
3.Adjust positions. Style it with a brush or hair gel if needed.


How to apply a Lace Front Wig


1.Secure your hair with a wig cap.
2.Trim the hairline around the head to remove hairline hair.
3.Pre-fit the wig on your head to determine where it will lay on your head.
4.Cut the excessive lace off the wig leaving about 1/4 inch of lace around the hairline.
5.Apply alcohol around the hairline to remove natural oils from your skin.
6.Use tape or a liquid adhesive around the front of the hairline to attach your wig.
7.When the glue is dry, apply the wig to that area starting at the center of the forehead and then working to the right and the left. Stick the lace to the glue 1 inch at a time.
8.Trim and style the wig as needed. Treat your wig as you would your own hair


How to apply a Jaw Clip


1.Comb your hair into a firm twist.
2.Open the Jaw Clip and attach it onto your twist. Hold it in place securely.
3.Style the Hair and create a great new look.


How to apply Hair Extensions


1.Part hair starting at the bottom of the head. Leave enough hair down at the nape and around the perimeter to cover the hair extensions.
2.Snap the extensions to the roots of your own hair. Make another parting, laying more hair down and repeat. Use the small piece at the nape then moving towards the crown using the larger piece.
3.Use the smallest pieces for the sides. Leave enough of your own hair out on top to lay over the extensions. Cut, blend and style as desired.

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